DIY Garage Floor Makeover: Black Epoxy

Published November 8, 2020 5,721 Views $0.65 earned

Rumble Upgrade YOUR old, ugly, garage floor with Armor Chip Epoxy from Armor Garage and their military grade top coat and red, white and gray flakes. Follow the steps in this how to guide. This epoxy garage floor coating was easy to apply, The garage floor epoxy has transformed the look of my garage from blah to wow!!!! If you like these videos click the SUBSCRIBE button to see all the great content we have coming up!.

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Save 5% on your order CALL 1-866-532-3979 and use the Promo Code "Home DIY Dan"

0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - Acid Wash
1:26 - Beer Break
1:32 - Power Wash
1:42 - Material Overview
2:34 - Mixing the Epoxy
4:33 - Pouring the epoxy
5:14 - Cutting in with Brush
5:33 - Rolling the Epoxy
8:17 - First Flake Application
8:48 - Mixing the Big Batch
9:26 - Big Pour
10:46 - Rolling
11:50 - Flakes
12:15 - Top Coat Application
13:05 - FINAL RESULTS (Turn your volume down, SORRY!!!!!!!)

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