HAMMER & SCORECARD: How the election is being stolen

Published November 8, 2020 4,558 Views

Rumble Along with the watermarked ballots there has been a discovery of the Dominion software have a "glitch". Anyone who has programmed on a computer will tell you a computer only does exactly what you tell it to do... In other words, someone is being protected for the "glitch".

Kirk Wiebe, in talking with LaRouchePAC, explains in simple terms just what has happened with Dominion, how it was done, as well as provides a surprise at the end of the video.

Mirrored from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_2RXrkDuS4 | LaRoucePAC Videos

If you want to see the Scorecard program in action, it was caught on a CNN feed going to a screen cast. The gold box on the top right displays the live counts in the election commissions database. The banner along the bottom is fed from that box but has a delay of 1 second - just long enough to capture anything devious, and there is. The Democrat KY Gov incumbent Beshear saw his count go up 560 votes while simultaneously the Republican candidate Bevin saw his god DOWN 560 votes...


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