Avoid The Censorship and Parley On Parler

Published November 8, 2020 3,991 Views $2.96 earned

Rumble If you need to pivot and want to be on a platform that's not censoring your posts… check this out.

:57 What is Parler?
1:48 What being "Verified" on Parler means.
2:14 Changing your profile settings on Parler
2:52 PMs in Parler
3:09 Getting to your home feed on Parler
4:45 Find hashtags of stuff you like on Parler
5:35 Create a post on Parler
6:23 Skip this... I'm looking for something in my notes LOL (to post)
8:49 Searching hashtags... what an upvote is and what an echo is...