Prophetic Update: Elijah, Esther, Daniel & corruption exposed

Published November 7, 2020 373 Views

Rumble Released on November 5, 2020 - Update on 2020 Election from a prophetic view.

THE PROPHETIC PLUMBLINE 2020 (released December 31, 2019)

No mind has conceived

Coming into 2020 the Lord the Lord has been speaking over and over apparent contradictory and paradoxical visions. As I’ve pressed in I’ve realized that those seemingly opposing events and circumstances that will be occurring during the coming days are simply the amazing breakthrough we are about to experience across the board. These items are not limited to the Western Church, this will affect a Global move of the Spirit in this hour. In order for Breakthrough to occur, there must be a wave of incidents and realities in place to breakthrough from. This is the year of extreme exposure and extreme mercy. In the paradox, the paradigms will shift. This is a year where division among the Body of Christ will be more intense than ever but where it will be broken by a profound move of the Spirit of God even among the theologians in various camps where theological war has ensued for many year and it will bring about a unity that many have prayed for, many have tried to implement, but the Lord will do it. The Lord is about to rise among His People and the result will be witnessed by the whole world. He asked me a question, “Is God your Prophet? because this year you will need Him to speak because He alone holds the key and the answers and the grace to give vision of what is coming. He spoke to me clearly that this is the year where “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived the things God has prepared for the those who love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9) This is an exception year… where God who always does things that He reveals to the Prophets (Amos 3:7) will be doing some things that will surprise even His Prophets… just as Amos was able to hear from God and see God do different that what he saw, we will see things differently that are very positive towards the Kingdom and the passion of Jesus on the earth. God is about to blow all of our minds and those who think they know will be brought along with those who don’t through the door of humility into abundant favor and blessing that God has prepared on the other side of understanding.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

This coming year will reveal a profound division between those who discern the Lord and those who analyze through carnal wisdom.This year will be marked by a sharp shift away from human wisdom and planning into intense response to the Voice of the Lord. Many have developed systems and principles of growth that “work” to garner crowds, but the loss of The Presence is going to be the greatest falling away we have seen yet. The places with the Presence whether they be on the street corners, homes, hovels, or congregations will become the attraction for those who are hungry for God. There will be some in hearing that will respond oppositely to what appears to be consensus, but this year consensus will not be the predictor of God but instead it will be the fallacy of a fearful man-pleasing spirit. Delusion is about to increase but with it the Glory will shine onto His truth and those carrying truth. His Truth is the only valid truth!

Another “222" is being released this year… a paradox… whereas most have known the “222" from the Key of David in Isaiah 22… “a man who carries God’s own heart", there is another “222" that will be unveiled powerfully this year. Revelation 2:22 “The Lord says of Jezebel…. I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways.” So this will be those who carry the opposite of David’s heart. They carry agenda. They carry earthly, carnal, demonic purpose intent on destroying the purpose of God. It is an anti-Christ spirit at work both in the Church and in the world. This “222” will be another victory for the Body of Christ. Jezebel is about to be taken down. In his recent album, Jesus is King, Kanye West declared “Jezebel don’t even stand a chance.” This was released in prophetic declaration over a generation that the Prophets are rising to bring about the demise of the religious spirit that has so prevented a generation from coming to the Lord. She is one who incites behavior against the prophetic and against the servants of God. She has been in the “mix” of the Church for a long time, usually revealing herself as a very spiritual intercessor or a prophetic intercessor. (I am not saying all intercessors fit into this, simply those who organize prayer away from the heart and purposes of God in a superior and haughty disposition). Not only is she going to be easily exposed, but those who continue to function in those manipulative and undermining spirit are about to experience a deep delusion that will cause them to be very “sick” with spiritual sores that are evident to all, and seen as very contagious. She/he must repent now or bear the weight of extreme ridicule and destruction even of her history. A serious disease is about to come on those who foster this spirit unless they repent from opposing the WAY of God!

I was asked last week, “Will there be a civil war among the Body?” I responded yes, but the remarkable thing is that this war will be short-lived because the Lord is going to break through suddenly with the answer that will cause us to become One rapidly. On May 5, 2016 I posted a word “Unity… It’s our battle to lose!” This was prior to the former election. The result of the last election was marked simply by unity. The result of our loss of unity, which has all but been lost is about to flip to a huge unity that we will see this year. I have stated previously, not what I deduced, nor what a consensus is… but simply because I heard, that our current President is “David." Our current President in the United States is Donald Trump. I was told that like David, He won't fight like any former or other king or leader. He seeks the counsel of the Lord and His Prophets. He inquires of the Lord for wisdom. He cares more for what the Lord wants for this Nation and World than for his own leadership, name, or the ridicule and persecution he may endure. He will gladly pay the price personally for what the Lord wants rather than what every other agenda wants. He brings down giants by using small stones in quick blasts in the Name of the Lord…. antagonizing and insulting the enemy just as David did. And when his days are complete he will be remembered as one of the most beloved leaders this world has ever had. I heard that this coming November 2020 Trump will again be elected by a huge landslide as unity will once again prevail in the Church.

He spoke to me that the verse this year is John 14:6 "Jesus answered, “I am The Way and The Truth and The Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This year the Church is going to come to an understanding that His Way is the ONLY Way. Their ways won’t work. We are going to return to the roots of Christianity where the Church was called “People of The Way” … the Way of Jesus…. the Way Jesus moved, talked, taught, lived. Others will begin recognizing who we are not by the movements, denominations, or tribes we are affiliated with but rather by those who walk in “the way” of Jesus. This will also be the year of “the truth” which will unveil a huge disparity from what God calls truth and what truths have been embraced through a spirit of compromise and fear of exposure. Truth is about to shine it’s light because Jesus is Truth and He is the light as we are to be! Subjective truth that has been released through false doctrine is about to be exposed by both new voices and major voices in the Body of Christ. Truth is coming into perspective with freedom that brings a walk of Grace full of power. The Church is also about to experience that the “Life who is Jesus” is going to begin to break through depression and fear and life in a huge way, not only in the Church, but into the culture.

During time with God last week I heard go to Mark 13. I heard "persecution is going to play out this year on the shores of North America it will begin in the Spring." When He spoke that He said not to fear. The only ones who need to fear are those who are not listening to the Father and not following Jesus. Bravery & Courage is being given to the lovers of God right now it’s part of the package that comes with Godly Grace. It will be overwhelming the incredible impact of people’s lives in the coming days! Heroes of the faith are rising! This will be a season where the Anna’s & Simeon’s will be rising to witness what they have been waiting for their whole lives. They will see it, recognize it, declare it, and move out of the way!

Another word that I gave on July 3, 2015 “Dread Champions Arise” spoke of “The Two” spies who we must become like in this hour. They were the two who tried to speak truth to God’s people about taking the Nation, when the consensus was to cower in fear and wait for another day. He spoke to me to “Be Of The Two and sway the Nation”… this year the Nation will sway towards the call of the Two to inherit that which God has for them. We are going to learn to trust God for what we don’t know. This year God will become our Prophet and the voice that is enough to obey!

Lastly, He spoke and said that this year will be a year of Barabbas… “the guilty will go free, because the innocent will take their place that they may have time to find the grace of Jesus!”

Look for the Fourth Man in the Fire … He is with us… and His Presence is what will carry us through everything coming! (Daniel 3:25) The Glory Revival Train is coming and it’s coming with ferocity of the Lord of Hosts. Many in the valley of decision… but we will follow and we will prevail and we will walk through all with great, exuberant shouts of joy! (Joel 3:14)

Danny Steyne
December 31, 2019