Tony Katz Today: Elections Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Published November 6, 2020 257 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

13 GOP women are going to Congress to take on The Squad. These woman represent a Republican Party that is diverse and empowered.

People say they voted for Joe Biden so that things will get back to normal, for unity. While they call people that voted for Trump racists and tell minority Americans they are traitors for voting for Trump.

October jobs report, unemployment rate, the markets and the great bitcoin debate

Nancy Pelosi will tell you the Democrats have a mandate after this election. Democrat members of the House are singing a different tune after tight races in their districts.

The Big Story:

Update on the path to 270 with current vote counts in key states. At this point it seems that no matter who wins this election, the supporters of each candidate will never accept the result. You should be prepared for the possibility of a President Biden by now. Plenty of questionable behavior to engage investigation with. There will be legal battles and there is no problem with President Trump fighting this thing, win or lose. We need to have faith in our election system.

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