Project Veritas ~ Yet Another Case of Voter Fraud, which will benefit the crooked Democrats

Published November 5, 2020 247 Views

Rumble Evidence of rampant Voter Fraud keeps coming out in contested states.
How can Americans possibly have faith in our electoral system with this sort of malfeasance?
We must continue to fight for our Election Integrity.
For all the fraudsters out there, know this: Veritas journalists are everywhere.
In Truth,

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:
• Las Vegas Mailman: “Hey, not a problem, man, I’m gonna see if I can get you some, like a nice handful [of ballots].”
• Las Vegas Mailman: There are always old unclaimed ballots around.
• Las Vegas Mailman: “People will just stick them in these like, crevices (points to the crevices in between the mailboxes).”

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