Tony Katz Today: Election Outcomes, Emotional Control and American Perseverance

Published November 4, 2020 182 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- If Coronavirus had never happened, does the election come this close?
We discuss the various key issues driving turnout for voters.

- Teach your children civics and economics, not politics.

- Jim Geraghty of National Review joins us to discuss election outcomes and polling failures in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

- We don’t know who won the Presidential Election yet, but Republicans had a very good night down ticket.

- Election night racism from Maxine Waters, Jemele Hill and Joy Reid.

- Closer look at Senate seats and the incredible amount of money wasted by Democrats in Senate races across the country.

The Big Story:

The big picture and finding emotional control. I don’t personally want Trump to lose this election to Joe Biden, but if he does I still can’t be angry. Nancy Pelosi is nearly powerless with the return of The Squad. Chuck Schumer still is not in charge.
The election was not a blowout by any means. There is a big picture story that has nothing to do with Donald Trump and everything to do with America.

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