The Fight Against The Great Reset

Published October 31, 2020 1,268 Views

Rumble We are battling against attempts to establish a global totalitarian regime. This video points out where some of that reality is clearly visible from our current events.

The people in Spain disagree with COVID lockdowns

Biden Leaks (National Pulse)

Seal Team 6 successful operation saving an American hostage in West Africa

National Guard deployed to 12 States

Antifa Prepping to take action right after the election

Another Hunter Biden laptop taken into custody through DEA raid

ABC Reporting Hunter Biden Story!

Character witness went to NYT on behalf of Tony Bobulinski. They buried it

Max Baucus sent to China as ambassador by Joe Biden. Hunter claimed to have him in pocket

NYT Story from 2015 about Hunter Biden and how he undermines the credibility of Biden's anti-corruption claim

Matthew Tyrmand story using Cooney email source material (Hunter Biden Unregistered Lobbyist)