Keep Little Ones Entertained With an Indoor Bumper Car

Published October 29, 2020 33,827 Views

Rumble There are two reasons why I wish I could be a toddler again. One, not having the responsibility of paying bills. Two, bumper cars. Our favorite amusement park ride is available on Amazon. These mini-sized ride-on toys are so much cooler than electric cars for outdoor play!

Get your favorite kid a Kidzone Bumper Car. It’s perfect for indoor play, so let your little ones enjoy a rowdy (but safe) game of bumper cars from the comfort of your living room. Who needs “Mario Kart” on the Xbox when you can practically have the real thing?

The Kidzone DIY 6V Kids Toy Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle is a great introduction to electric cars. The charge time is five hours. (Charge for 18 before the first time using it.) It goes forward, backward, left, and right. The kids electric ride even has LED lights! It's going to be the hit of the season. Watch out, electric scooters.

The ASTM-certified toy car can spin a full 360 degrees thanks to the simple joystick controls and remote controls. The kids’ ride-on car only goes a max speed of 1.9 MPH, so there’s no need to worry about your living room becoming a race track. The 6V electric kids ride is available on Amazon for the low price of $146.

Kidzone’s Bumper Car Ride is built to last. The brilliant little car has a tough plastic shell and a soft bumper system. The safety features are also impeccable. There are a safety belt and emergency break. Once the kids have worn out the fun Kidzone ride, simply charge the rechargeable battery.

The spinning car is recommended for kids 18 months and up. It does have a weight capacity of 66lbs, so your little one is going to enjoy their bumper car for a long time. Amazon’s customer reviews are fantastic! See what satisfied parents are saying about the bumper cars.

Have a number that’s special to you? Customize the race numbers with any numbers from 00-99. Have fun watching your kids in their bumper cars! They’re going to love it.

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