Seven mothers forcibly removed from public property by Deland Police

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Video captured at a Florida school board meeting on Tuesday shows seven mothers forcibly removed from public property by Deland Police.

Despite Volusia County allowing medical exemptions for mandatory mask orders, police told the women the school district rules force anyone on campus to wear a face covering.

In fact, the meeting taking place in the footage was meant to decide whether or not to extend the mandatory mask policy.

“We cannot be removed from a public place for not wearing a mask,” one mother told a school board member. “This is public. Our governor has stated to all of us citizens that we do not have to leave.”

Another woman explained that her family members and friends have fought and died for Americans’ domestic freedoms that are now being trampled before our eyes.

Police began forcefully kicking out each woman who was not wearing a mask, threatening them with charges of “trespassing.”

“We pay taxes and we pay for this building,” the mother filming the incident told police.

She also pays for the salary of the officers who removed the ladies.

The officers then escorted the mother out of the room where she could no longer see her children.

As she tried to re-enter the building, she struggled with a policeman and fell to the floor.

Another camera angle shows police removing a mother who was in the middle of breastfeeding her child.

When she tried to hand her child over to another woman, the police gave that mother a hard time as well.

“Please don’t put your hands on me,” she said as she tried to help the breastfeeding mother.

Starting to cry, she asked the officers, “Why are you doing this? What is wrong with you?”

TRESPASSED: DeLand PD started forcibly removing the moms after pleading with them to leave on their own. One breast feeding mother passed her baby to another before being escorted out of the room @MyNews13 #News13Volusia

— Nicole Griffin (@NicoleNews13) October 27, 2020
A Volusia County reporter for Spectrum News 13 named Nicole Griffin said none of the women were arrested after being physically removed from the building.

In total, the DeLand Police Chief tells me 7 moms were tresspassed. None of them were arrested. He said they got involved because of the trespassing issue, not because the moms were not wearing masks @MyNews13 #News13Volusia

— Nicole Griffin (@NicoleNews13) October 27, 2020
If the officers had authority to remove the mothers by force, why didn’t they charge them with trespassing as threatened?

After the pesky troublemakers were removed, the school board ultimately voted to make mandatory masks a permanent rule.

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