I Can't Breathe!!!!

Published October 28, 2020 70 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble Mask or No Mask? That is the question. Personally I think it should be entirely up to the individuals on how they chose to safeguard themselves. Slot, of us do find that it is kind of selfish to place other's in harms be way or be at risk of being in your presence but, if that is how they chose to self destruct then so be it. I have seen many that have contracted it and show remorse. I guess it would take for you to actually lose a loved one to open your eyes to the actual danger that you place someone in involuntarily. Please don't think for once that anyone is immortal or untouchable, like a bullet this Covid-19 has no name on it. It attack's all age's, size's, color's with no resentment. Let's not sacrifice our children's lives for the sake of returning to work, they are more important to us than the economy can ever be. There may be other temporary arrangements that you can do with the help of your child to temporarily bring in a little extra cash. It is not about being a sheep, I only count those in my sleep and I am not ready to be sleep just yet, I will get plenty of sleep when I am dead and gone.