Pollsters, media, and Big Tech are lying. Patriots MUST spread the truth.

Published October 28, 2020 1,569 Views

Rumble The easiest and perhaps only way Democrats can steal the election is if they can convince enough patriots that our votes are meaningless.

It's not a shocking proclamation that mainstream media, pollsters, and Big Tech oligarchs are rooting for Joe Biden. It's not even a stretch to say they're doing everything they can to get him elected. But what many do not know is that their plans are coordinated and focused on one thing: Convincing Trump-supporters that he's already lost.

They can keep people home on election day by making them believe it's all futile. There will be riots and long lines at the polling places, and if people believe their vote isn't going to make a difference, they may stay home. This is why they left is doing what they're doing and spreading so many lies. But what is their core motivation?

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, I broke down the three possible reasons they're doing it. The first is by far the least likely but since so many are spreading it, we must address it. There's a slight possibility that there's no real plan and leftist journalists are just engaging in wishful thinking. Again, I don't believe this is the case but some do, so I talked about it.


The second most likely reason is something very akin to a conspiracy theory. The powers that be are pulling the strings and making pollsters, mainstream media, and Big Tech spread the false narrative so they can more easily launch their voter fraud plans.

The third and most likely reason is that they're just playing the propaganda game. If they can convince enough patriots that going out to vote isn't worth the effort, especially considering the election day turmoil that is about to happen, then they can con America into election Joe Biden.

We can stop their evil plans regardless of their motivations. All it takes is for patriots to stand up and be counted, both in their talking points as well as at the ballot box. Don't let them con you into thinking your vote isn't meaningful. It's essential.

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