Episode 97: “Paying the Price of Panic” with Dr Jay Richards.

Published October 28, 2020 1,102 Views $0.01 earned

“The human costs of the emergency response to Covid-19 have vastly outweighed its benefits.”

So argue, backed by a vast amount of research, scholars Jay Richards, William Briggs, and Douglas Axe, authors of “The Price of Panic.”

For the first time in history, the world has shut itself down - by choice - for fear of a virus whose dangers have been dramatically exaggerated. Governments, with the support of most Americans, have ordered the closing of thousands of small businesses, schools, colleges, churches, sports events and most all of our civil society institutions. Overnight, "social distancing" - masks, 6 foot rules, no handshakes, no hugs - have become a moral obligation. We are now living under a “tyranny of experts” explains Dr Jay Richards.

The world will reopen, and life will go on, but we are never going back to "normal.”

And we need to recognize that whatever the future holds, we cannot make the same mistakes again. What have we learned? What will have been the total cost in lives, dollars and livelihoods in relying on advice from "science”? Who will be held accountable for the enormous human costs imposed by our leaders blundering “one size fits all” policy responses?

Join me in my conversation with Dr Jay Richards who digs deeply and thoughtfully into the answers to these questions.

And another big, big unknown.

As the health risks of Covid-19 have begun to subside, a bigger and more dangerous pandemic remains: a pandemic of fear. Social media, 24/7 cable news coverage and political agendas have whipped up social contagion, a climate of fear far beyond the real risks of the virus.

Where is this going? How does it end?

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