People Assume My Boyfriend Is My Carer - He's Not! | BORN DIFFERENT

Published October 28, 2020 89 Views

Rumble A YOUNG woman who has broken over 57 bones due to her rare genetic condition is determined not to let her disability hold her back. 20-year-old Meagan, from Canada, was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or otherwise known as 'brittle bones disease'. OI affects around one in 60,000 newborns in the US and can range in severity. For Meagan, even walking on sand can cause her bones to fracture - so everyday tasks can prove risky. Meagan told Truly: “A lot of people think that people with disabilities or people who use mobility aids need help and that’s just not the case for me - I do everything on my own.” Despite the increased risk she faces in her day-to-day life, Meagan lives as any regular young woman would - she drives, goes to university, and has even found love in her boyfriend Dustin. She said: “He’s the greatest guy ever. He’s so supportive and sweet. He’s always there to help when I need it - he’s my best friend.” The couple met over a year ago and they say that even now, Dustin is often mistaken for her carer. Dustin said: “If we’re walking through the mall or something, we’ll both notice people stop what they’re doing and just stare. With Meagan and her condition, she knows it's a part of her but it doesn’t define her.”