Oprah Shares 7 Books That Inspire And "See Her Through"

Published October 27, 2020 16 Views

Rumble According to the Huff Post, media mogul, Oprah Winfrey is putting a hold on her usual book club recommendations.
Instead, according to the Huff Post, in light of the pandemic, election season, and the additional change in 2020, she's sharing seven of her favorite "Books That See Her Through."
Oprah shares, “It’s a mix of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and spirituality, books I know and trust and revisit time and again."
In a Monday statement she says that the books offer "comfort, inspire, and enlighten.”
Oprah will dig into each book on Instagram, which includes, Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual guide “The Power of Now, ” Toni Morrison’s “Song of Solomon,” James Baldwin’s essays in “The Fire Next Time” and Mary Oliver’s poetry collection “Devotions.”