Hunter Biden's first China money-grubbing deal revealed

Published October 27, 2020 1,690 Views $0.95 earned

Rumble Hunter Biden's first China money-grubbing deal revealed
By Daxia, Vanilla Hill Writing Group
On February 17, 2012, Joe Biden met with Xi Jinping (Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party at that time) in California for a total of 25 hours discussed about the entry of American films into the Chinese market. On Feb. 19, Hunter, acting as an advisor to Universal Studios, represented Greatpoint Energy (Greatpoint) startup and Wanxiang Group, negotiated a $420 million equity investment and $1.25 billion in project financing. At the time, it was among the largest foreign venture capital funds coming into the United States. The two sides also agreed on the joint development of energy and gas, and Xi attended the signing ceremony for the project. Later Joe Biden denied that he knew anything about it, excusing it on the grounds that he didn't know the details.

later on, Joe Biden was instrumental in the Wanxiang Group's acquisition of his home state Delaware auto manufacturing project through the ranks of White House dignitaries, which led to the successful bankruptcy funding of A123. and won the auction of Fishek's bankruptcy assets in 2014 (financed by a loan from the U.S. government), also meaning it was purchased with U.S. taxpayer money. The documents show that Hunter was a shareholder in the company, which he used to sell some sensitive technology to the Chinese military, in which Wanxiang was involved. In addition, Wanxiang Group has backed the Chinese Communist Party's massive copper mine investments in North Korea and has supported the North Korean regime, but has so far been able to evade US sanctions!

This information shows that the first money Hunter earned was pocketed using U.S. taxpayers' money through a covert conversion!

The above is just the tip of the iceberg on the dark side of the Biden family's collusion and money-grubbing with the Chinese Communist Party, and more facts will continue to be broadcast.