GOP Incumbent Rep. Doug Collins Slammed For 'Putrescent' Campaign Ads

Published October 26, 2020 49 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble Georgia's Republican Rep. Doug Collins served in the House for seven years and has raised his political profile as the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee.
However, Business Insider reports his reelection campaign is under fire for showing numerous ads featuring Collins wearing his US Air Force uniform.
Collins serves as a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserves. He previously deployed to Iraq as a chaplain.
Several of Collins' images appeared to violate the Defense Department's regulations intended to protect the military's apolitical status.
Ads must indicate their retired or reserve status and include a disclaimer stating that the Defense Department does not necessarily endorse them.
Attorney Michael Weinstein is the founder of the non-profit group Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He described the ads as a 'shameful' violation.
He's like the sole star of these ads. That's not biographical. That's political. He's using it for a partisan, political agenda. It's pathetic. It's putrescent. Michael Weinstein, Attorney Founder, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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