November 2020 Love Reading - Pick A Card Tarot Reading

Published October 26, 2020 56 Views

Rumble Welcome to my November 2020 Pick a card love reading. Please like, comment and subscribe.

Please choose the deck and crystal that resonates most with you and go to that reading in this video.

The decks and crystals and their time stamps are below.

The crystals are for sale!!!

Reading 1: 2:32. Gummy Bear Tarot.
Stone: Peacock Ore $25 (chalcopyrite)

Reading 2: 10:32. Tarot of the Zirkus Magi
Stone: Siderite and Quartz $175

Reading 3: 21:21. Aquarian Tarot
Stone: Calcite, fluorite, and chlorite. $200

Reading 4: 32:38. Crystal Tarot
Stone: chalcopyrite and quartz. $175

The love manifestation exercise I refer to is here:

And another helpful blog is here about the truth of on and off relationships.

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I have been working as a professional love psychic for the past 30 years and my mission is to help heal women from love anxiety.