Bannon and Giuliani “Political Operatives” Further Solidify the Future of the HB Laptop Story.

Published October 26, 2020 5 Views

Rumble This episode is the one we will cover the latest accusations leveled at Hunter and Joe Biden. The hints are dropping from the “political operatives” who broke the story first maligned as Russian Disinformation, but now confirmed by the FBI and ODNI to be Hunter’s laptop. Giuliani (himself now accused of misdeeds) lays out what they’ve been dancing around for a week now. Bannon has some interesting revelations of his own. Mostly regarding the “release mechanism” they’re using to disseminate the information on the drive. After a few days of listening, the chain of custody of how exactly it got into Giuliani’s possession is still not clear. That being said, one doesn’t really care once the information has been corroborated. Of course, it will be a year before people have any idea what this story actually means.