FBI Issues Letter to Sen Johnson, Confirms HB Laptop NOT Russian Disinfo, Backs the ODNI’s Comments.

Published October 26, 2020 11 Views

Rumble The letter to Senator Ron Johnson, from the FBI regarding the HB laptop is quite revealing. We’ll go over the highlights of the letter to the senator, and then we’ll go back over the ODNI interview. This way we can determine just what exactly the FBI means by: “they have nothing more to add to the ODNI’s comments. The short answer is that, while many have accused the ODNI of being “partisan” and “only caring about defending Trump,” no one has accused the FBI of helping Trump. Now, in order to believe the HB laptop is “Russian disinformation” one has to reject the assertions made by both the Office of the Director of Intelligence AND the FBI. The FBI went further to tell senator Johnson that they couldn’t ‘confirm or deny any information pertaining to on going investigations.’ That’s ok though, we don’t need them to.