Rescuing Trapped Animals

Published October 25, 2020 122 Views

Rumble In the very cold waters last night, rescuing and releasing 6 trapped turtles, 5 bullfrogs, and one crawfish. 😊 Very cold weather is coming in a couple of days and they probably would have died of hypothermia in the shallow concrete storm drain channel.

The expenses for the rescue this month are $1,561.43, including a fundraising shortfall of $416.40 from last month, which is threatening to the rescue's activities continuing. There have already been cut backs on how many animals can be helped, and how much help can be given for certain cases, and others have been released, when in the past they may have been held until Spring. Many are being released now, in the hopes that they still have time to make it through the Winter on their own. Only $579.05 in donations have been taken in so far, with a balance of $982.38 left and only 9 DAYS left to raise it. Please consider contributing, like the loyal dozen or so supporters do every month, who have kept this rescue going for several years.

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