USA's Domestic Enemies Within GOP!!!

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Rumble Van's Comments on Removing Our Domestic Enemies & Saving America! 
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We have what the U.S. Constitution referred to as Domestic Enemies not only within our Borders but within the GOP, anyone can see for themselves  why there's not an Outcry for the GOP to Bar Cindy McCain, Flake, Kasich and other Never Trumpers from attending any Republican Meetings / Functions, and remove them from the Rolls, is beyond my understanding, as if so many in the GOP Leadership truly support President Trump then they shouldn't need any of us to Demand this but already be doing it, as these Domestic Enemies within the GOP will bring it down while also giving other Weak Republicans permission to Vote Against President Trump & Our Freedoms. 

Sen. McCain's legacy continues with his Wife Cindy's Endorsement of Biden demonstrating again their disdain for all of us, as when they attack President Trump it's actually a rebuke of the Voters not only in AZ but across the United States of America, to those with the Courage to admit it.

This Video exposes how many Republicans in the AZ House & Senate gave their Support and Vote 4 the National Popular Vote, and many voted for HB 2184 amended in the Senate and the SB 1469 stripping Our AZ Supt. of Public Instructions Constitutional Authority handing it over to the Gov. Ducey's  AZ Board of ED Czars, these were also Unconstitutional Bills, along with similar Votes on Red 4 Ed, Red Flag Laws etc, these Career Politicians don't serve us or Honor the Oath they took to the U.S. or AZ Constitutions and hopefully in the Election Cycle of 2022 this will be resolved at all levels of AZ Government by Voting them OUT. 

I know many in AZ's GOP hate the records of the so called CON-servatives in AZ's House, Senate and the Executive Branch being exposed, however I know from my own experiences with the Party that this won't be brought to light by any of them or their fellow Ladder Climbing Want to Be Politicians, and hopefully everyone who reads this and watches the Video will take the time to do some research on these and other Issues, remember they say we get the government we deserve, well that's not True for All, as many of us have been exposing the Treasonous Acts of those in Office for Years.

Unfortunately the Party Faithful always makes sure that when these Career Politicians get Challenged in the Primaries the Challenger gets cut off at the Knees by them, and many of you may recall I've had 1st Hand Experience, I ran against Flake, Franks, Livingston and Richer and got 0 assistance from the GOP in Fact they set up Road Blocks and unfortunately we didn't have the Funds of President Trump or the Results would have been quite different, and in the General Election the GOP falls back on the Better of Two Evils Theology, so between the two it's next to impossible to remove these Treasonous Elected Career Politicians, who are CON-servatives.
We all Pledge Our Loyalties to the USA and as President George Washington stated; Political Parties are Enemies of the U. S. Government meaning the People and this is definitely a Great Demonstration of Party vs. U.S. Constitution, so Bar All the Never Trumpers and Remove the Career Politicians in office or Declare Publicly you support their Right to Violate the U.S. Constitution, GOP Platform and the Trust of the American People in so doing.

Any who wonder why I point these Acts out, I know we can and must do better if we ever expect President Trump's achievements to last and also realize that if we don't fix the Republican Party by removing these types of people then it won't be long before Politics as usual returns and Costs Future Generations their Freedoms and that is something I can't and won't sit by Silently to witness, as they say better to Try & Fail then Fail to Try. 

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk