Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Deserve Nobel Prizes for four dimensions

3 years ago

In short, I believe I have built a model of Albert Einstein’s four dimensions and the math that goes with it.

Please just watch this video:

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla four dimensions

I have attached additional photos and links. If I am wrong, please say so.

This are Freemason symbols. The six-pointed star (Jewish Star of David) is mathematically E = Mc² = 2πR = 2π/6; Dia. = 1, Cir. = 3 = π [Einstein's Law of General Relativity and 1st Dimension in Positive Infinity]. The 5-pointed star is 2π/5 (pentagram) or 2π/5 = 2π/6 = 2πR = E = Mc².
The swastika is considered sacred in the native American’s Zia Pueblo, as it represents the father of their people. Almost all organized religions have the same sacred geometry/math.

Caverna da Pedra Pintada (Painted Rock Cave (in Portuguese)), is an archaeological site in northern Brazil, with evidence of human presence dating ca. 11,200 years ago. On the wall of one cave there is a perfect 6-pointed star.

Please prove my video is wrong.

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