Reversing 80% of Chronic Disease = assessing your Actions-The Ayurvedic way! -Siri Chand Khalsa MD

Published October 23, 2020 63 Views $0.01 earned

When a patient gets diagnosed with a chronic disease, the payor gets stuck with a bill that never ends. Not so, according to the burgeoning field of individualized medicine. According to the American Academy of Lifestyle medicine, anyone can reverse long-term symptoms (of, say, type 2 diabetes, hypertension or obesity, etc.) with a few scientifically based behavioral changes:

1. Whole-food plant predominant diet
2. 150 min/week of moderate exercise
3. 8 hours of restful sleep
4. Daily relaxation time to lower stress
5. Not smoking
6. Regular connection to positive people

After years as an Internal Medicine doctor, Siri Chand explored integrated protocols and now designs pathways to cultivate these six "qualities" uniquely for each patient. Ayurveda, a medical system developed over millennia in India, offers a nuanced version of how to think about exactly this for each individual person.

It assesses patterns - and allows them to shift. There is value in the mindful moments of observation and then doing something different. Saying something different, eating something different, moving in a new way, finding new friends, and just paying attention to our breathing patterns. It then in fact becomes #matterovermind and a sense of happiness and health emerge in a very natural way.

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