Dr Corsi NEWS 10-23-20: Trump Wins Last Debate

Published October 23, 2020 182 Views $0.04 earned

Rumble It was the political equivalent of a mercy killing last night as President Trump put Sleepy Joe Biden out of his misery. Trump eased Sleepy Joe into the dust bin of presidential politics, deftly eliciting a combination of lies and losing positions from the hapless, demented, and conflicted former vice president. Biden forcefully declared that he does not want to win the election as he proclaimed that he never said he would ban fracking. Instantly challenged by President Trump, who later produced a video compilation proving both Biden and Harris repeatedly proclaimed the end of fossil fuels if they take over the US.

President Trump was then able to once again confirm he is on the side of the American people on all of the major issues, from energy, to climate, to the Chinese Communist Party Wuhan Virus, to healthcare. Trump seasoned the pot at appropriate times with the spice of #BidenFamilyCrimes. Game, set, match. #Trump2020Landslide

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