I've Spent $50,000 To Become A 'Ken Doll' | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Published October 23, 2020 169 Views

Rumble JONATHAN DYLAN is back - Canada's very own ken doll who has spent over CA$50,000 to achieve his dream doll look. Amongst his many procedures, he's had countless lip fillers, cheek fillers, jaw fillers, chin fillers and botox all around his face. Jonathan is so happy with the way he looks now that he says he could never imagine going back to how he used to look. He even says he appreciates all types of comments on his Instagram page - including the negative ones - as they make his Instagram followers rise. Nowadays, Jonathan is a musician who is trying to become big in the music industry and is practicing choreography for his newest music video. Jonathan told Truly: "I'm so excited to be back with a completely new sound and to be able to show the world what I'm capable of doing." His dancer Ikue knew Jonathan from before he had any procedures and is very excited for his future. "I've seen Jonathan literally transform over the years - I think in general people are entitled to do whatever makes them happy," Ikue said. After getting his latest chin filler, Jonathan couldn't be happier: "I don't regret anything at all - it made me famous!"