Tony Katz Today: Democrats Boycott Amy Coney Barrett Vote and Disinformation From Iran

Published October 22, 2020 123 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- How do we deal with Russians and Iranians and their interference in our elections?

- The latest on Hunter Biden emails and media malfeasance surrounding this story.

- Leland Vittert on Election 2020. Polls, foreign interference and expected turnout.

- The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. Republicans voted unanimously to confirm, the 10 Democrats boycotted the vote all together. The final vote now goes to The Senate.

The Big Story:

Disinformation from Iran as an effort to interfere in our election. Spoof emails disguised as messages from The Proud Boys threatening intimidation and violence at the polls. Who fell for this disinformation campaign? The Lincoln Project, of course. Have they retracted or apologized?

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