Tony Katz Today: Universal Basic Income and No Singing in California

Published October 20, 2020 88 Views

Rumble On this episode:

- A County Clerk in Indiana is standing up against having to enforce mask mandates at the polls.

- California Governor Gavin Newson has called for new social distancing guidelines that prohibit gatherings with more than 3 households in attendance for less than 2 hours and most importantly- no singing.

- How accurate are the polls and how many Silent Trump Voters are there?

- Antifa in Portland "peacefully" spray painting violent messages about police and Trump on the Portland Police Union building.

- The National Media is utterly incurious about the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The Big Story:
Universal Basic Income is back! The City of Compton will roll out a 2-year guaranteed income program. Supposedly it will be privately funded, but what happens if they can’t raise the funds? What is the difference between private charity and wealth redistribution?

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