Yes, Democrats Will Destroy America

Published October 19, 2020 1,948 Views $0.85 earned

If you don't think Democrats want to destroy America, watch this video to see the corruption they have tolerated and ignored in their own party!

Political Corruption: Ignored
Violence in our cities: Ignored
Radical revolutionaries: Roaming Our Streets
Unqualified, Ignorant Congress Members: Celebrated!
Lifelong Criminal Politicians: Ignored!
Damaging information on a Presidential Candidate: CENSORED!
Political opponents: SILENCED!
Conservatives speaking out on social media: BANNED!
Citizens DEFENDING Their Property: INDICTED!
Citizens DEFENDING Their Lives: JAILED!

This is the true draconian ideology of the Democratic Party who sold their souls to the radical left.

And they call President Donald Trump a fascist.

Yes, Democrats Will Destroy This Country

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