Tony Katz Today: Critical Race Theory is Bigotry and Bigotry Must Be Stopped

Published October 19, 2020 229 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

-We take a look at topics for the coming Presidential debate and what to expect from another Biden-friendly moderator.

- Police are retiring from metropolitan departments across the country. What does this mean for America’s cities?

- The Women’s March took place this past weekend. In DC, New York and LA people gathered to protest Trump and Amy Coney Barrett. Protests are allowed, religious ceremonies are not.

- An infectious disease expert is warning that the worst of COVID to come. Should we panic?

The Big Story:

San Diego school district will no longer worry about whether or not you get assignments in on time. They are overhauling the entire grading system. Why? To combat racism. If you think “being on time” is whiteness, you are wrong.
So-called "anti-racism” of Critical Race Theory is bigotry. It states that you confront discrimination with further discrimination. Worse, it states that discrimination is inherent.

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