Palletizing Machines need Kawasaki Robots, too!

Published October 17, 2020 36 Views

Rumble The machines in this video gather up cans of every size and stack them on a pallet. As each layer is built up, you need a piece of fiber board between layers to keep the cans stable (they will slide off) and to keep them from scratching each other. Typically a person does this dangerous job. But with robotic automation, we can make this chore safe and reliable. And with Kawasaki KRoset Simulation Software, I can test my robot before the customer commits to the purchase.
There is an added feature of using the right kind of robot. Here we are using a Kawasaki RS015X robot with an extremely long reach to not only place tie sheets on the pallet but also to pull a sample of the product per FDA rules. Since this is a simulation, all we are trying to do is confirm the robot will operate within the space we have been given. There are a series of red cylinders used to "spot" the robot for the 3 jobs it will perform: 1) Fiber Tie Sheet placement, 2) Sampling of product and 3) collection of data about sampling.