Hunter’s Laptop, Joe’s Denials, & The Media’s Complicity.

Published October 16, 2020 131 Views

Rumble The NY Post story about Biden is the creation of Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon. The post says that the whistleblower turned Hunter Biden’s laptop over to the authorities, but also, made a copy to give to Giuliani. Giuliani created his YouTube channel Rudy’s Common Sense - where over the past few months he’s walked anyone willing to watch step by step through Biden corruption. Over the past few days we’ve started to see the slow drip of information from the laptop. The New York Post seems to be the corporate media entity that is going to bring this information into the public sphere. At least to the people who, up to this point, thought it was merely a conspiracy theory. We will go over much of this, but I want to look at Biden’s denials because I find them fascinating. We’ll spend probably too much time looking at Biden lie about this issue over and over. More to come!