This Video Will Get Trump Re-Elected

Published October 16, 2020 16,299 Views $27.06 earned

Rumble I already uploaded this, but I wanted to remind everyone that we are in control. The country is at stake and so is our freedom. Share this video, spread the word, and go out and vote. We are all one American family and where we go one we go all. Lets all do our part to spread the message and lets keep America great. America has always been the land of the free. In our home we the brave stand up to these tyrants when our supposed government won't. Spread the word and destroy their narrative to render them powerless. The American people built this country and we are here to protect it, so that our children can inherit a land that is better than the one we had.

Rally behind your president fellow citizens. Red wave incoming!

Share, share, share!

Digital Soldiers are winning the war.

... and disable advertisements! No kidding :)