Calves have an adorably curious reaction to a Gopro left in the grass

Published October 14, 2020 3,436 Views $0.33 earned

Calves are incredibly curious animals, and more inquisitive than we give them credit for. When these ones saw a GoPro camera for the first time, they were fascinated. They followed the visitor in their meadow, trying to get a close look. It was obvious that the camera had caught their attention and he stopped and held it out to them. They were reluctant to come close enough to sniff, but they lined up in hilarious fashion and stared, eager to come closer, but fearful enough to keep their distance.

When the GoPro was placed on the ground and left on its own, the calves couldn't resist coming up to check out the strange object. They cautiously sniffed and licked at the camera, backing away and taking turns, as if they expected that it might jump up at them at any moment. Their reaction is simply adorable as they create close up footage of their noses and eyes.

These calves live on what is referred to as an "ethical beef farm" in Millbrook, Ontario. The cows are treated extremely well, with an emphasis on herd health over profits. The cows here have hundreds of acres of pasture and meadow where they graze and wander freely. There are ponds full of fresh water, woods to explore and rolling hills with lush, green grass. Even the bull is a happy member of the herd and he watches over his cows protectively.

While the nature of farming means that the animals will ultimately end up as food, these cows are happy and enjoy a long and healthy life on this farm. It is as close as possible to what nature intended for these gentle souls. While living a vegan lifestyle is commendable, many will always choose to eat meat. Obtaining that meat from farms like this one will go a long way to ensuring more humane treatment of animals, as well as supporting the farmers who are dedicated and committed to doing things right.

Ethical farms are easy to find in most places. The cost of supporting these farms is well worth it for the peace of mind that comes with giving the animals a much better life.

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