The conservative crackdown on social media has begun

Published October 13, 2020 3,042 Views $0.19 earned

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What you can see happening is already bad enough. What you do not see will infuriate you.

I know what most of you thought when you read the headline. “Begun? It’s been happening for a while.” This is true. But the REAL crackdown is starting now and it is quite ugly. The evidence is clear. Conservatives are being suppressed, lied to, and even purged. It’s more common today than any time during the Big Tech Censorship Era, a time that happens to coincide with the election of Donald Trump as President.

In another life before I became engulfed by politics, I worked for and then owned companies that specialized in deciphering Big Tech algorithms. Off and on for the last couple of years, I’ve pulled out some of my old tools and tinkered with my technical tradecraft to see what I could glean. It’s a reality that social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are far more likely to go after conservative accounts, pages, groups, and talking points than progressive variants. Sadly, this practice has been ramping up over the past four months and in the last week, it has accelerate to ludicrous speed.

There are two variations of crackdowns divided into three categories within each. I’ve laid out a cursory explanation of each below. The purpose is to make people aware of what’s happening. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to come up with a solution. They control their “platforms” (don’t get me started on a Section 230 rant) and therefore nothing short of viable alternatives being swarmed to en masse by patriots and those who hate Big Tech bias can solve this problem. That leaves us essentially two choices: Participate or don’t.

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