Tony Katz Today: Chuck Schumer's Quorum Quandary and Anti-American Ideology in Portland

Published October 13, 2020 37 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- Chuck Schumer threatens to withhold a quorum. Which is to say that Senate Democrats won’t show up to do their work to try and prevent Republicans from calling the vote.

- Joe Biden thinks he is running for Senate.

- Is Joe Biden withholding his position on court packing because he wants to pack the court? Or, maybe, is it because he is trying to keep the progressive wing placated by not admitting he won’t pack the court?

- More statues torn down in Portland. This time, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Why? The Christopher Columbus holiday. This is not about race, this is about ideology. Anti-American ideology.

The Big Story:

The city of Indianapolis just voted to put 4 civilians on what is called the "general orders committee" to have oversight over the police. This is an end-around to defunding the police. Do you want to defund the police?

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