Jim O'Connor Interview at Capitol Rally

Published October 13, 2020 26 Views

AZ WAKING UP!View / Read, Like & ShareVan's interview with Jim O'Connor at the Capitol on 10/10/20 to speak to Like Minded Freedom Loving Citizens and also meet with groups to connect beyond this Election Cycle.I was happy to meet up with some supporters of ours from the Tea Party, GOP, Patriot Groups and others as we don't get to visit much these days.
I was impressed with the attention some attending are giving to Candidates and the Issues facing us, and most believe Politicians in AZ are just as Bad as in DC and also need must be removed in both Parties, and hopefully after 2020 Elections they'll stay Active and remove these Left Leaning Office Holders, only time will Tell if they stay connected or return to the Deep Sleep most Americans have been in Politically most of their Lives.Links to more Info: https://www.vanscrossroads.com/blogs/God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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