Cynthia Garrett talks faith, Trump, and life as a Black conservative woman

Published October 12, 2020 466 Views $0.11 earned

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One can choose to remain a victim or one can choose to grow from their tragedies. Cynthia Garrett exemplifies the latter.

The empowerment of women has been a hot topic for decades. It remains perpetually important to many, particularly on the left, because it's a gateway to other ideas like abortion and identity politics. But the reality of empowerment is personal. In 2020, women of color who exemplify what many on the left use in intersectionality debates are not facing anywhere near the same roadblocks as they did just a couple of decades ago.

That's what makes listening to Cynthia Garrett so refreshing. She's a conservative and a Christian who is unabashed in expressing her perspectives on the world. This is her strength, though not her greatest. Her ability to overcome personal adversity to achieve tremendous success in life is what truly makes her special.

In this episode of Conservative Black Cowboy, Rob sits with Cynthia to discuss the topics that are important to Americans today.

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