Retirement News Online - Christine O'Donnell

Published October 11, 2020 120 Views $0.08 earned

Rumble In this interview, Christine O'Donnell talks about the dangers of retirement on your finances. Scott Drake is the host.

This was a favorite production of mine because I wore all the hats. Let me admit the open (although confident I could build something comparable) was a template from and I bought the virtual set from

I designed the shows logo, shot/lit all videos, designed/animated the lower thirds, animation beds, side by side frames, lit, surfaced and rendered the set angles, digitally composited all the parts used in the production, did the editing, voice sweetening, music selection and edited the weekly programs - sometimes two or three.

This was a weekly show produced for Shurwest Financial, Scottsdale, AZ. The program was nationally syndicated and ran on the internet for several years. It was designed to showcase financial advisors who addressed hot topics on retirement planning for retirees in a news format.

This not only gave the viewers answers to questions about retirement but gave them credibility in the eyes of potential customers looking for financial services.