Mysterious demonic shadow figure caught on CCTV camera

Published October 11, 2020 17,410 Views $2.16 earned

New York - A shadow identity is recorded on security camera. The eerie video was recorded last week at 3:30 AM. The man who lives at that address first thought this was about the girl next door, but that is disputed by several other family members living in that house because of a strong sulfuric smell in the house present the next morning.

The man who lives there has secured his house with an advanced security system because of vandalism to his garden and car, but also in the living room. The last activity to take place happened in his 6 year old son's bedroom.

The son was found scared under the bed because the boy complained about a shadow man strangling and hurting him.

The police cannot do anything because there is no evidence of burglary. The camera security system will hopefully put an end to this horror.

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