Sete sangrias ( Cuphea Carthagenensis ) serve para abaixa a pressão alta

Published October 11, 2020 31 Views

Rumble Before using this herbal medicine consult a specialist first.

Seven bleeds (Cuphea Carthagenensis) serves to lower high blood pressure

Erect herbaceous plant, little branched, from 20 to 60 cm high, with the stem covered with red and rough glandular hairs.

The green, simple leaves are opposite, with a short and hairy petiole on the underside, which is lighter. They measure 1.5 to 2.5 cm in length.

Small, axillary, pinkish-purple flowers. It blooms all year round, having its peak in June and July.

Fruit in capsule. It reproduces only by seeds, preferring moist and sandy soils. Easily dispersed, it is considered invasive of monocultures, being spontaneously born in vacant lands and pastures.

Therapeutic properties:

Hypotensive, depurative, diuretic, diaphoretic, laxative, helps to eliminate uric acid, anti-syphilitic.
Also used against arteriosclerosis, heart cough, hypercholesterolemia, respiratory tract irritation, skin disorders (psoriasis and eczema) and insomnia.

Although still little studied scientifically, the ethnopharmacological literature recommends its use in the form of tea, syrup and alcoholic extract orally, and in local compresses, according to the objective.
It is not indicated to use it in children.