Joe Collins destroys Maxine Waters in new campaign ad

Published October 10, 2020 5,987 Views

Rumble Are things getting better or worse in South Los Angeles? Have they gotten better or worse over the last 44-years? If residents there think things have been getting worse, why do they keep repeating the same mistake over and over again by electing Maxine Waters to Congress? That's a serious question.

Joe Collins is the answer. He has an attribute that Maxine Waters doesn't have. He actually lives in the district she represents. But one can't blame her, can they? Why would she live in her own district, which is crumbling, when she can afford to live outside the district in a $6 million mansion? She'd be crazy to live in the district that has suffered through her policies for nearly half a century.

The ad by Joe Collins highlights important facts about Maxine Waters that voters need to hear before they go to the ballot box. As a resident, my eyes are open. Hopefully, my neighbors won't make the same mistake we've made for decades.

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