Man skillfully rides a futuristic jet powered surf board

Published October 10, 2020 6,590 Views $2.75 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsWatching this man propelled over the surface of a lake on a tiny jet powered surf board would make one think that they were watching a science fiction movie out of Hollywood. The board seems impossibly small and the speed is difficult to believe. But it's not science fiction. It's a new mode of transportation that allows a rider to skim along the surface of the water with incredible speed and surprising control.

Mark has purchased himself a Jetsurf and has spent a few hours learning to ride like a pro. He fuels it up, adjusts the throttle and takes off from a concrete pier, quickly getting to a standing position. It's also possible to start out from deep water by climbing onto the board as it begins to move. The rider can go from lying to kneeling, and then to a standing position. Once the board is under way, the rider barely gets wet. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 64kmh (40mph), these boards are a thrill to ride. They hold enough gas to go for more than an hour before needing refueled.

Mark has a camera on his helmet for much of his ride, another on the board itself, and a friend on the pier with a third camera. Capturing the fun from three different angles allows us to see what this ride is like from all perspectives. As he reaches top speed on a lake that is as smooth as glass, we can see how the sensation of riding this board would be similar to flying across the water with nothing underneath you. From the board perspective, we get a good look at the graceful turns and the leaning that Mark carries out as he carves the water and changes direction.

These boards can be used for pure fun, riding in circles around a bay or small lake, or they can be used as transportation, quickly allowing the rider to cover a considerable distance. Imagine arriving at a friend's cottage on a board like this!

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