Cows engage in fierce head to head battle in their meadow

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsCows are normally very peaceful and docile creatures. Content to graze and wander throughout the meadow, they rarely engage in any kind of conflict with the other cows in their herd. They are social animals and they enjoy the company and the safety of the the others. But cows will occasionally battle to establish pecking order and dominance.

This typically involves a little pushing and shoving, and even a little aggressive mooing, but it doesn't often result in anything resembling a fight. These two cows seem to be working out their place in the herd and some head butting and dirt scratching got serious. One of the cows lowered its head and the other one did the same. The contest of wills was on and both put their heads together and began to push.

When 1,500lb animals square off, it can be a dramatic showdown. They circle each other and push, and one of them gets her head under the chest of the other one. She lifts up in what appears to be an attempt to flip the rival.

Rose is a very large and senior member of this herd. She is the red cow that comes over to play referee. Her calf is just three days old and it appears that Rose does not like the scuffle coming close to her baby and the other nearby calves. Rose considers herself the herd mother and what she says goes in this meadow. Rose decides who needs correction and she rams the cow with her head down, pushing it away from the young calves and sending a clear message that she does not approve of this behaviour. With he baby close behind, she shoves the cows until they separate. This looks much like the teacher coming to break up a schoolyard fight between to adolescents.

This farm is what is referred to as an "ethical" farm. The cows here are free to wander over many acres of lush, green pasture and rolling hills. They interact with each other in a very stress free environment. The only time they are taken indoors is when the weather turns severe in winter. This is a life that is as close as possible to what nature intended for these lovely animals.

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