Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: The Universe from Nothing

Published October 5, 2020 41 Views

Rumble Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: The Universe from Nothing

00:00 What is Rational Physics about? In what ways is Rational Science different than Mathematical ‘science’?
08:40 Dawkins & Krauss bios. Sexual misconduct: no prob! Bloated salary at a state-funded university: BIG problem!
16:25 Rich & Larry confess: modern ‘physics’ is irrational! (Hint: The problem is the Particle Hypothesis!)
21:15 The key idea: How do you create something from nothing?
22:55 Rational Science version of ‘nothing’
24:35 Krauss does not define ‘nothing’. He merely objects to the traditional notions we have inherited of ‘nothing’. ‘Nothing’ is actually a ‘physical quantity’. Huh??????
27:20 Dawkins the Atheist: You start with nothing and end up with something.
28:40 Larry: Quantum Mechanics defies common sense. (Tell me about it!)
31:40 Larry: the total energy of the U = 0. (Where did he get this nonsense?)
37:15 What is space made of? How mathematicians convert energy into a physical object.
42:50 Krauss redefines ‘nothing’ to make his case: The Universe has a different logic than humans.
44:20 My reply.
46:25 Summary / Conclusions

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