Published October 4, 2020 73 Views

Rumble Dear Stefan:

What are your thoughts about the relationship between stories, reality and virtue? More specifically, I know that it is all right to write stories and to enjoy them, however, I am curious to how far an author should go to represent what they think of reality. (e.g.: taxation is theft, slavery is wrong, China is a communist hellhole etc.) Moreover, what is the point where a piece of fiction becomes a warped, corrupting influence that spreads misery and negativity instead of enjoyment and hope? I know these topics are abstract, but I feel like discussing them would be important for what my next step in life is and I would love to talk with you on this issue.

I am something of an author myself, which is why I ask these questions, but I am also concerned if I am doing a 'Simon the Boxer' repetition of the past by pondering these issues and by writing stories.

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