The Friendly Spider - Classical Guitar Improvisation

Published October 4, 2020 67 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble Here is an improvisation on my Takamine classical guitar. The guitar part was just made up on the spot in a dadgde tuning. The rest of the tracks were built around the guitar improvisation.

Two of the tracks and on my hand drums. The spider hand drum is roughly in the key of A with a custom spider design I drew on it. The other tan hand drum is roughly in the key of G. Both of these notes helped with the overall drone from the improvisation's open tuning.

I also have a shaker track recorded in stereo to widen the mix. The udu track adds a deep bass note roughly in the key of G as well.

Towards the end of the song I bring in a couple tracks on my home made partsocaster in standard tuning. The first partsocaster track has a panning delay effect on it recorded in stereo to bounce between the left and right. The other parstocaster has a high speed delay on it panned to the center to cut through the mix.

The overall mood reminds me of a hilarious daring jumping spider I found and tried to film. It kept jumping onto the lens of the camera and was not shy at all. To any normal person who is afraid of spiders they would not consider this friendly behavior at all. But it was just a friendly spider looking for an insect snack of some kind.

Thanks for listening :-)