Published October 4, 2020 63 Views

Rumble Fudge tend to open doors, and help his buddies, Gus and Ninja as well.
We have 3 Chow Chow Males, Fudge, Gus and Ninja.
Fudge Love all sweet things, he is my weird Chow Chow, and sometimes a Gangsta as well.
Gus is is my adoption dog, he was adopted in 2015, and he was 6 years old that time. I tend to adopt older dogs, that had a bad life, to give them a pension package to just be a doggo and living his life, with lots of treats, and a soft bed.
Ninja is the youngest of the 3, and he is so unique in his own way!!!

The Chow Chow breed is very misunderstood, and people tend to be scared of the breed, but they are actually big fluff balls, that gives a lot of love :)

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Lots of Love and Light !!!
Laters Chantel