My 2 years old cats

Published October 1, 2020 14 Views

Rumble This is my almost 2 year old cat, Phoenix. He loves water and will get in any sink or tub that is filled. Every time I take a bath, he climbs in the tub with me and he will stay in there for 30 mins or longer with the water going all the way up to the middle part of his body. I absolutely love that he loves water! He’s seriously
Such a smart cat. He has different meows for when he wants different things, he loves to go outside on his harness and leash to go on walks, anytime I’m upset, he comes running to me to comforts me like he’s very in tune with my emotions and knows just what I need at that time, and he helps keep the younger boys in line as well as helps to care for the foster kitties I have. One time when we went out for his walk, there was a little dog outside who started howling. I couldn’t believe he did this, but Phoenix started howling too and sounded identical to the dog. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not been there and he continued howling for 5 minutes!! He’s my 1st cat and he is what changed my mind about cats completely. I honestly thought I hated cats until I got him and because of him, I am rescuing and fostering other cats/kittens who need me. He changed my whole world! He’s such a special kitty!