Mandates conflict with a free market and may cause chronic diseases - VA Freedom Keepers Marsha Rose

Published October 1, 2020 55 Views

The government’s threat to mandate a COVID vaccine not just for kids but also adults has awakened a silent dread reflected in polls showing fewer than 1/4 of Americans will accept this medical intervention.

But vaccine skepticism has risen long before COVID and indeed has set off wars in all 50 states as Pharma-funded Democrats repeal the right to say “no”: 1/3 of parents now refuse to follow the CDC’s schedule for school shots. What lies below this rebellion against the government-medical complex?

Could the rebellion be unstoppable, as high profile lawyers like Robert F Kennedy call attention to the chronic disease explosion from 12% of kids in 1989 to 50% today - a trend equaling the increase in the number of shots required for K-12?

Or, as politicians like Rand Paul are pummeled for daring to ask questions of the narrative descending from controversial figures like NIH Director Fauci. Can mandates even work within the consumer-directed health revolution where healing is going not in the direction of “public health”, but rather towards “personalization”? To help us sort out the draconian assault on health and freedom is John Hopkins-educated Marsha Rose, president of Virginia’s Freedom Keepers.

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